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About Arne Schwettmann

I am an associate professor of physics at The University of Oklahoma. My research field is experimental atomic physics. Specifically, my research group studies ultracold atomic quantum gases of sodium with applications in quantum-enhanced sensing.

There was a recent popular science article summarizing our research in OU's Sooner Magazine, called "No Small Undertaking".


Arne Schwettmann
Lin Hall 221
Center for Quantum Research and Technology
Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Oklahoma
440 W. Brooks St.
Norman, OK 73019

phone (work): 405-325-0010
phone (cell): 405-535-8466
e-mail: schwettmann ["at"]
alternate e-mail: arneschwettmann ["at"]

Research Field

Atomic, molecular and optical physics

Research Interests